Monday, March 22, 2010

Photo Retouching

Elements & Design

Photo of my mother when she was young
My father kept this photo beside his bed for many years and mom had one of dad on her side of the bed.  Over the years the photo became damaged from sunlight and thereafter faded.  After my mother passed away Dad asked if I could fix it so we could reframe it.  I took the worn out photo home.  I realized that a good portion of my moms hair and shoulder needed to be replaced along with fixing her fading image.  I never did ask dad what was cut out of the photo that was next to mom.  Photo retouching is fun work because your bringing an image back to life that you may have thought to be lost.  I've retouched photo's to remove or add elements depending on the request.  I have also retouched photo's that were once thought to be trash because of the fold mark on the families faces.  Almost nothing is impossible!

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