Friday, March 5, 2010

Marketing - Elements and Design

Elements & Design

Business located in Big Bear City, California.

This business wanted a whole new look and marketing strategy to promote their business.  They had the oval with the words Dave's Auto, Inc.  They requested a caricature of Dave, the owner.  They also wanted something to denote they service automobiles and tires.  They wanted some dirt, mountain and tree's.  With that I was able to create the above logo for them.  The red and orange give them lots of color and the thumbs up on the caricature denotes trust.

But this was not the most important feature of this logo.  The marketing strategy...
for this small town business was the ability to show people they can be trusted.  This was done with the caricature and showing the public what the owners look like.  Showing the public who they will be doing business transactions with.  We used a picture of the owners in their ad and thank you postcards, see below.  We also gave it an even move personal touch by adding both of their first names across the photo.  The owners of this business wanted to connect with the community and show customers they would be taken care of if they spent their money at a local business who cares.  This is often important when it comes to small communities and/or when you want to make a personal connection with the public.  These design elements were enhanced with the owners ability to see that taking care of customers comes from thanking them for the business they receive and reminding customers they are here to take care of their needs.  Also offering a free item, such a an oil change for their continued patronage can be beneficial.

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