Thursday, March 4, 2010

Logo - Elements and Design

Elements & Design

Business located in Temecula, California.

This company logo was designed with the idea of keeping our environment clean by removing debris from commercial and residential properties, and disposing of it at centers that recycle.  In addition our company designed the website, brochure, signage, car magnets, work shirts and all other promotional items. To find out more visit

I used two simple cool colors to create this logo. The truck has world wheels, the bed of the truck denotes new growth by keeping our environment clean. These elements can also be used separately. For instance the work shirts have the logo & business telephone number embroidered on the front and the back was silk screened with the black truck and tag line. To create logos I always use Illustrator to create my vector graphics and my Wacom tablet to draw elements like the truck, leaves and wheels.

You may wonder why...
I flipped the direction of the "E" in WE, I did it to make people look.  It catches your attention because it's not faced the direction we are used to seeing type but that's why I connect it, height wise, to the "h" in haul so that it wouldn't float out there but look connected to the whole business name.  The colors help your eye distinguish the two words WE Haul.
Logos can only be developed by using a variety of strategies;
1. Talk with the customer about their vision
2. Discuss colors and textures
3. Obtain all materials and/or web links that were used to promote the business in the past
4. Do your research to insure you are not creating something already out there and to obtain information on other companies with a similar business
5. Create a draft with a variety of colors and types to insure you are creating their vision not your own

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  1. With the quality web site produced by Cindy at Spin Graphics we have been able to generate larger clients increasing our bottom line greatly. Cindy also created the WeHaul logo which is now incorporated into all advertising used for our company. Her visionary graphic designs were incorporated into our polo work shirts, car magnets and business cards. A three fold brochure was also created and was utilized to brand our company name. I am more than satisfied with the great service and vision of Spin Graphics and its owner Cindy Chundak.

    Thank you Craig Cosby